How it works


Ephimeral social spaces are based around events. Easily invite people you trust with a link. No accounts needed, as everything is based on unguessable UUIDs. All (!) data is deleted 15 days after scheduled event date. No worries, just enjoy your BBQ!


E-mail is only used to send your personal space- or rsvp-link, and notifications. Only people with the url have access. Only share with people you trust. Every e-mailadress is deleted once the response is deleted, which also happens when the event is deleted. Get your goofy e-mailadress out of my database at once!

Full resolution images for a coffee, thanks!

Other messaging services can’t afford to have everyones pictures at full resolution at all times, so they default to compressing them. If they are based on other means of revenue and you can’t pay them directly, there is no way to even set the option to send the full resolution to everybody.

We can store your full resolution pictures for a limited time, since they are deleted 15 days after the event. It will only cost you an amount of a coffee you’ll serve at your happening. Payment is done in a couple of seconds, securely via Stripe. Thank you for your support! 😊

In the 7 days following the event, everybody will be asked to upload their snaps. 7 days after that you'll have the oppertunity to download all snaps, before the event and all snaps get deleted permanently.

taking selfie

No-ads-, Non-recurring-, microtransaction-based revenue is probably the stupidest business decision, but it might be the ethical one. I hope it can entice you to come back and make it at least a break-even little side-project to gain experience and fund other projects. Thanks! At least it won’t be copied as it makes little business sense to do so. ;)